La aventura española empieza ahora :D


That’s what it feels like right now! I have packed for a year. Such a small space to pack for such a long time. Of course like any clever cat, I noticed that some clothes weighed more than others and set about saving some space in the case by treating my body as a clothes horse; layering jumpers, t-shirts, a sequined party-top, not forgetting a thick winter coat. To add to the already heavy attire, I decided to take a hand luggage that weighed the same amount as a small child. Carrying that around has given me some pretty meaty biceps, can’t complain! And after the painful task of cramming all my worldly possessions into a suitcase, I am here! Here in Madrid with a smile on my face as I was greeted on the other side by my lovely au pair family :). Finally I could strip off and acclimatise to the warmer temperatures. Victoria compared me to an ‘onion’, why? Because of multiple layers of material I was caked in. First stop, their home! Item one on the agenda: FLIP FLOPS. Leather boots and black jeans don’t really bode well with 31 degrees. Afterwards, I gave the family some brandy butter and Irish cream chocolates and for Julia, some jelly beans, a cute necklace with union jack wellington boots and some English toy money!! The toy money looks so real, hours of fun to be had with that. Julia and I played for a bit, her bedroom being a shop and with me being the customer wanting to buy items – a classic. Then we all went to ‘Fosters Hollywood’, an American restaurant that has recently opened its doors a stones throw away from the apartment, and had a lovely meal. There is only one thing that comes after food, THE SIESTA!! My Spanish fam consider it to be compulsory, I completely agree 🙂 I slept for 3 hours and then played with Julia again. She was making milkshakes with soapy water and then we set up shop on the terrace to enjoy some paper and pen games. We also made some cool bracelets with plastic strips (scoobydoos) my god, blast from the past!? I’ve lost the knack of doing them, still working on my own bracelet, Julia’s done about 5 during this time haha. Then I received a message from Mercedes, my exchange partner from Caceres, confirming I can stay at her parents’ house next week. Such a relief 🙂 There is a plan in place! Everyone knows failing to plan is a plan to fail, but I’ve got one so hopefully I’ve dodged all possible failure! That is all for today folks. I am at, what I consider to be, home at the moment with a wonderful family. Tomorrow I shall begin prep for the big move down to Caceres where I shall be fending for myself, teaching some youngsters and generally standing on my own two feet. Exciting business, over and out!!


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